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The Massachusetts Association of Approved Special Education Schools!

What is MAAPS?

MAAPS is your community of out-of-district, approved special education schools - all of which offer a vital service to both public school district and privately placed students. I should know; I was one of them.

Attending one of the MAAPS member schools provided me the appropriate skills I needed to flourish in my education. I never felt more included than when I attended a specialized school. Today, it is my privilege to advocate on behalf of all of the approved special education schools as the Executive Director of MAAPS.

MAAPS represents over 80 approved schools for students with special needs in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Connecticut, and Rhode Island. MAAPS provides a range of services to its members, including professional development, marketing, diversity initiatives, government relations, external affairs, and peer enterprises. Membership in MAAPS affirms a commitment by our schools to ethical practices, non-discrimination, and extraordinary education.

Elizabeth Becker, Esq.
Executive Director

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Meet the Staff

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Elizabeth Dello Russo Becker

Executive Director
781-245-1220 ext 205 ebecker@maaps.org
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Mark P. de Chabert

Chief Operating Officer
781-245-1220 ext 204 mdechabert@maaps.org
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James Daiute

Director of External Affairs
781-245-1220 ext 209 jdaiute@maaps.org
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Amanda Kane

Director of Professional Development and Member Assistance
781-245-1220 ext 208 akane@maaps.org
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Renee Sousa

Administrative Assistant
781-245-1220 ext 201 rsousa@maaps.org

MAAPS is a trade association that provides services and advocacy for member schools.  MAAPS does not provide placement consultations or facilitate referrals for individual students.  If you are a parent or professional calling about an individual student, please refer to the online directory for school admission contact information and the placement resources section of maaps.org for other helpful information.

Meet the Board

S. Cusson


Hillcrest Educational Centers

Untitled design (47)
Vice President


Crystal Springs, Inc.

C. Hunt


Partners in Child Development (PCD)

B. Irish


Cotting School

E. Bosso


Perkins School for the Blind

L. Lajewski



M. Ames
Immediate Past President


RFK Community Alliance

Regional Delegates

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Massachusetts Map
Massachusetts Map

Western Region

Western Region

Jill Brewer, Springdale Education Center
Robert Carter, Willie Ross School for the Deaf
Shaun Cusson, Hillcrest Educational Centers
Jodi Michalski, White Oak School
No Alternate


Central Region

Michael Ames, RFK Community Alliance
Karen Bishop, Learning Center for the Deaf
Brian Doyle, Center for Applied Behavioral Instruction (CABI)
Kerry Ann Goldsmith, Devereux
Karen McCarthy, Brandon School & Residential Treatment Center
Phill Ekberg, Alternate, Wayside Academy


Boston Region

Ed Bosso, Perkins School for the Blind
Michael Culhane, Farr Academy
Sarah Folk, Milestones, Inc.
Wil Fredian, Gifford School
Bridget Irish, Cotting School
Laura Lajewski, COMPASS, Inc.
Amy Sousa, The Guild School
Mark Lucier, Alternate, Community Therapeutic Day School
David Zimmer, Alternate, Manville School/Judge Baker Children's Center


Northeast Region

Joseph Cronin, St. Ann's Home
Rita Gardner, Melmark, Inc
Christian Hunt, Professional Center for Child Development (PCCD)
Ryan Plosker, New England Academy
Lori Steers, Nashoba Learning Group
Lygia Soares, Alternate, Merrimac Heights Academy

Southeast Region

Southeast Region

Kathleen Lovenbury, Crystal Springs School
Robert Lynch, Amego
Gerry Pouliot, Latham Centers, Inc.
Lawrence Sauer, League School of Greater Boston
Stephanie Ward, JRI
Ivy Medeiros,  Stevens Treatment Programs
Deb Blair, Alternate, May Institute