Member Benefits-Food & Supply Source

maaps is pleased to announce the success that members are having with Foodsource Plus.  Food & Supply Source works for maaps’ members in the procurement of food, paper and plastic goods, chemicals, and cleaning/janitorial supplies.  maaps has found that members have seen a 5-30% savings off their total dollars spent in the food service and janitorial and maintenance areas by using Foodsource Plus.  As of today, maaps members have saved over $500,000 compared to what they were originally paying with past vendors.  This program has great potential for future member savings but you may have questions about how it operates.  We have provided a list of frequently asked questions and answers about the program.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Food & supply Source price below other vendors like Sysco, and US Foodservices

Food & Supply Source is a privately owned, independent food and supply purchasing services and management consulting company. Food & Supply Source is not owned or managed, nor do any of its directors, officers, or employees have any affiliation with any food service distributor.  Thus, there is no conflict of interest for Food & Supply Source.  In addition, Food & Supply Source has a national group purchasing network that uses the economy of scale of all its clients to lower and hold down prices.

Is my program too small or too big for Food & Supply Source

Currently, Food & Supply Source is working with maaps members purchasing as little as $7,200 and as much as $252,000 per year. 

How do I place my orders

You can call your designated customer service representative, fax your orders, or use internet  ordering.

Is the food quality the same as my current vendor

Food & Supply Souce has the ability through its network of vendors to match brand name products or provide an equivalent generic product to match another generic one.  Some of the manufacturers that Food & Supply Source works with are Kellogg’s, Ocean Spray, Kraft, Mott’s, Tyson, Nestle, Hormel, General Mills, Nabisco, McCain, Campbells, Dole, Sara Lee, Heinz, Cains, Farmland, Aunt Jemima, and Land O lakes.

Can they deliver my food as often as my current vendor

Food & Supply Source has several different vendors that have the capability of servicing all of your needs.

My current/past vendor lowered its price to compete with Food & Supply Source. What should I do

maaps believes in either case these lowered prices will only stay in effect as long as Food & Supply Source is competing.  Once there is no competition the vendor has no motivation to maintain the lower price.  This belief is illustrated by the high rates they have been charging for their services over the past years and what they would have been charging you to date if you did not have food & Supply Source us as an option.

I have a great relationship with my current vendor, and they often provide free items to the school. Will Food & Supply Source do this

You can call your designated customer service representative, fax your orders, or use internet  ordering.

My current vendor is a sponsor for some of my events. Does Food & Supply Source help in this way

Food & Supply Source will work with members on a case by case basis to support certain activities members are undertaking.

Who are some of the food distributors that you use?

  • Performance Food Group (PFG )
  • Reinhart FoodService
  • Sysco
  • Thurston Foods

What other maaps members are using this program?

Listed below is just a small list of the members that are using the Food & Supply Source Cost Saving Program:

  • Cardinal Cushing Schools
  • Community Care Services, Inc.
  • Evergreen Center, Inc.
  • Gifford School
  • Granite Academy
  • Italian Home for Children
  • Justice Resource Institute
  • May Institute
  • New England Center for Children
  • Walker Home and School

What other organizations are promoting this program outside of maaps?

  • Association of Community Living, NY
  • Catholic Charities USA
  • Council on Homeless Policies, NY
  • Dept. of Office for Children, Newark, NJ
  • Help USA
  • Massachusetts Assoc. of Day Care Agencies
  • Volunteers of America

Who should I contact with other specific questions about Food & Supply Source?

Mark de Chabert
maaps Chief Operating Officer
214-245-1220, ext. 204