Rising Star Supportermaaps is pleased to be partnered with our endorsed insurance broker, USI New England (USI).  USI New England brings a wealth of experience working with non-profits, social service agencies, health, educational entities, and associations. A task force of maaps members selected USI New England overwhelmingly based on their ability to:
  • Adhere to maaps minimum standards of practice,
  • Apply sound risk management principles in advising maaps members on how to avoid, reduce, retain, and transfer certian risks’
  • Commit to providing exceptional customer service,
  • Market and administer the various maaps accounts, and
  • Provide in-house services rather than outsourcing to third parties.
  • Deliver market strength and stability for our members, and
  • Reduce the amount of paperwork members must submit during their upcoming renewal

USI will work closely with maaps members to develop formal safety programs and customized employee training to meet Federal and State regulatory requirements. Working in collaboration with USI’s Client Service Team, your account is presented to the marketplace in the most positive manner.  On behalf of their clients, USI also performs the following services:

  • Conducts a risk assessment to identify and document exposures and trends,
  • Develops and implement programs to reduce the frequency and severity of losses,
  • Prepares a thorough underwriting submission and approach all markets on a timely basis,
  • Negotiates with markets based on our position of strength in expertise and market clout,
  • Utilizes the risk assessment as a tool for communication and negotiation,
  • Provides a summary spreadsheet of options comparing net cost, cash flow, maximum risk, and quality of insurance carriers in terms of both financial rating and services

In addition, USI has a complete portfolio of products and coverage options that include:

Once the insurance is placed, USI will work to maximize the loss control resources received from carriers, coordinate carrier loss control activities, establish performance measurements and monitor results.

maaps Members working with USI

  • Brandon School & Residential Treatment Center
  • Clarke Schools for Hearing and Speech
  • Italian Home for Children
  • Judge Baker Children’s Center, Inc.
  • Judge Rotenberg Educational Center
  • Kolburne School
  • Penikese Island School
  • Walker School
  • Wayside Youth & Family Support Network

If you would like more info on how USI can assist you in your risk management and insurance needs, please contact Deborah R. McDonough at 781-376-2711 or Terri Healey Brogan at 781-939-2063.