Professional Development Groups (PDGs) bring together professionals who have responsibility in five key roles in operating C766 private schools:

The foundation of the PDGs are the Core Competencies developed by each group. These competencies describe the key knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary to be competent and effective leaders in each of the key roles, and drive the agenda of all meetings and workshop sessions. Click on each PDG listed above to download the Core Competencies for that group.

PDGs provide training, opportunities for networking and collaboration and information on current trends, regulatory and policy issues and cutting edge treatment and educational approaches. The format, frequency and content of meetings reflect the needs of each group and the current climate in the field. PDGs mine the wisdom and experience of its members as well as offering the benefit of outside experts and consultants.

Member Benefits

Skill Building: Meeting and workshop content is driven by core competencies developed by each PDG for their specific role.

List Box: The listserv provides members the opportunity to quickly communicate with others about common issues.

Cost Effective Training: Agencies pay one annual fee per PDG and can send multiple staff.

Compliance Resource Manuals: A brand new added benefit to PDG members is access to maaps’ Compliance Resource Manual for each group. These web based manuals provide links to all regulatory agencies, updated competencies for each group, all past and current alerts and advisories and an administrative calendar template. You can find these manuals at after you log in.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Joins? The approved private special education school joins. The individual does not join.

Who attends the meeting? Whomever the school designates.

How often do PDGs meet? Frequency varies by group. Six to eight sessions annually.

How many people can attend? There is no limit to the number of attendees from agencies who are members of that group. The number of attendees MAY be limited by venue space.

Where are meetings held? Locations of the meeting vary, but usually occur in the Worcester or Marlborough areas.

What is the cost to join? $325 annually for each group. Agencies can join just one or all five. For staff who wish to attend a session of a PDG for which their agency is NOT a member, there is a $110 fee for each individual.

How Do I Join?

Contact Ginnie Waldron at 781-245-1220 x207 or at