Title School Counselor (Teacher’s Aide)
Location Arlington , MA
Start Date 2021-03-15
Job Information

Pathways Academy, McLean Hospital

Come work, learn, and play in a therapeutic school setting founded in social pragmatics, sensory integration, and a gentle, trauma-informed approach to academics!  In the position of School Counselor (akin to a teacher’s aide or paraprofessional), you will support students throughout the school day, both during learning and downtime activities. School counselors assist students in completing assignments, participating in classroom activities, working outside the classroom as needed, and learning and practicing social pragmatic skills in the therapeutic school milieu.

• Support students as they navigate social interactions with staff and peers
• Provide support to students both inside and outside of the classroom
• Facilitate student sensory breaks and activities (tossing a ball, going for walk, playing games, etc.)
• Support students with social-emotional processing, identifying feelings, working through frustrations
• Adapt classwork as needed to meet student needs under the guidance of a teacher
• Work collaboratively with other Pathways Team members to provide child-centered care
• Work individually and/or with small groups of students on art, group activity, culinary arts, current events, and/or other activities
• Other duties as assigned by supervisor

Contact Person: Laura Mead, Education Administrator 617-855-2703

Posted: 2-22-2021

email ldmead@partners.org
Website https://www.mcleanhospital.org/treatment/pathways-academy

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