Title Special Education Teacher – All Subject Areas
Location Springfield, MA
Start Date 2019-09-03
Job Information

Robert F. Kennedy Children’s Action Corps RFK Academy

The Robert F. Kennedy Children’s Action Corps RFK Academy is seeking a strong education team member to contribute to the understanding of core academic content, application of skill building strategies and practice of social emotional learning and self-regulation in school- and community-based environments. The ideal Special Education Teacher to join the teaching and staff teams will be a curious observer who enjoys engaging students in learning about themselves, their strengths and what works to help them optimize learning and make progress. Applicants must possess licensure in Moderate Disabilities (5-12).

• Leads the planning and delivery of high school core academic courses, providing classroom instruction necessary for the student to meet the goals established in the student’s Individualized Education Program to achieve proficiency in academic content areas.
• Creates and delivers functional, experiential and elective courses that are geared to advancing group and student-specific post-secondary preparation goals identified in collaboration with administrative and educational teams.
• Develops formal and informal Ongoing Assessment opportunities to assess progress as well as oversees students’ preparation for and participation in MCAS and MCAS-Alt as well as the filing of Grade Level/Competency Portfolio Appeals for the Competency Determination.
• Works collaboratively with educational team, including developing a team atmosphere and effective supervision and support of teaching assistants as assigned.
• Manages a classroom that meets the students’ needs for safety, routines and protocols, educational growth and social/emotional development.
• With input from the educational team and supervised by the Mentor Teacher: develops content- or skill-based IEP goals, completes progress notes, contributes to overall IEP development and participates in IEP meetings.
• Develops a therapeutic and effective relationship with students according to Behavior Support System protocols and as advised and supported by plans overseen by the Clinical Coordinator.
• Follows schedules within the classroom and the school to provide structure and manage setting conditions according to the student’s Individualized Crisis Management Plan and other support documents.
• Completes daily paperwork, as needed, including Intervention Forms, Incident Logs, grade reports, etc.
• Works collaboratively with all staff as part of the school team. Attends supervision, morning meeting, debrief and scheduled teacher and team meetings prepared with agenda items and ready to discuss issues and solutions.
• Participates in orientation, in service trainings, monthly Professional Development meetings and assigned external trainings with ongoing development supported by supervisor and the administrative team.
• Performs other related duties that are deemed necessary for the operation of the school, such as evening Parent Advisory Council meetings, Open House, etc.

Contact: Rebel McKinley, Program Director, 413-507-2029

Posted: 5/6/19

email rmckinley@rfkchildren.org
Website http://www.rfkchildren.org/rfkacademy