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EBP Webinars

Pathway Impact Evaluation – Mathematics

CompassLearning’s Odyssey is now Edgenuity’s Pathblazer solution. Pathblazer is a supplemental, online intervention program that helps move struggling learners up to grade-level proficiency in math and reading. The program prescribes individualized learning progressions with fun, motivating content that addresses skill and concept gaps. Click here to view the webinar. Click here to download and print…

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The Good Behavior Game by Pax

The PAX Good Behavior Game (PAX GBG) is an environmental intervention used in the classroom to create a Nurturing Environment that is conducive to learning. The intervention is designed to reduce off-task behavior; increase attentiveness; decrease aggressive and disruptive behavior, as well as shy and withdrawn behavior.¬† PAX GBG also has been shown to improve…

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