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Social Emotional Evidence Based Practices

2011-34DUP What Works Socio-Emotional

1 Publication #2011- 34 4301 Connecticut Avenue, NW, Suite 350, Washington, DC 20008 Phone 202-572-6000 Fax 202-362-8420 WHAT WORKS TO PREVENT OR REDUCE INTERNALIZING PROBLEMS OR SOCIO-EMOTIONAL DIFFICULTIES IN ADOLESCENTS: Lessons from Experimental Evaluations of Social Interventions Mary Terzian, Ph.D., M.S.W., Katie Hamilton, M.A., and Sara Ericson, B.S. December 2011 OVERVIEW Left untreated, internalizing…

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Social Emotional Learning

Strong evidence indicates that social emotional learning contributes to academic success.  There are a variety of evidenced-based practices and programs available for use in our schools.  The following fact sheet includes information on programs and/or approaches and their efficacy in preventing or reducing internalizing problems or socio-emotional difficulties in adolescents such as depression, anxiety, suicidal…

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