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Evaluating the Ability of Learners with Autism to Work in Small Groups

Learners with autism do well with one on one instruction, and this is widely known.  However, the provision of one-to-one instruction on a long-term basis is not efficient or realistic. Funding streams, particularly in adulthood, do not support this level of staffing.  Furthermore, the ability to follow instructions delivered to a group is essential to…

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Supervision Training: Ensuring Quality at Every Level of an Organization

Intervention for learners with autism have become increasingly nuanced and complex over time.  It is not easy for organizations and professionals to stay abreast of the changes in instructional technology.  The identification of best practice techniques is a moving target; research continually changes and expands the range of techniques known to be effective.  The identification…

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Placement Instability as a Risk Factor in Proximal Sexually Inappropriate and Aggressive Behaviors in a Child Welfare Sample

This study examined the relationship between childhood physical abuse, sexual abuse and  placement instability,  and  sexually inappropriate and aggressive behaviors in a child welfare sample. Sexually Inappropriate  Behavior was associated  with  all  inde- pendent variables. Sexual Aggression and Child=Male Victims were both associated  with  Sexual Abuse and  Placement Instability. Offense Persistence was associated with Placement…

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