The Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (ESE) has announced a new process and route for special education licensure waivers for the 2018-2019 school year beginning July 1, 2018, called Structured Guidance & Supports (SG&S). The ESE special education licenses include the following: Teacher of Students with Moderate Disabilities, Teacher of Students with Severe Disabilities, Teacher of the Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing [ASL/TC], Teacher of the Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing [Oral/Aural], or Teacher of the Visually Impaired.

SG&S is a new route available for competency review. SG&S was piloted successfully in a maaps member school last year. It was also discussed during Nina Marchese’s Prep Forum visit last fall and ESEs Regional Special Education Director’s meeting last spring.

As of July 1, 2018, when submitting a waiver request for a special education license, the person submitting the request will need to affirm that the candidate is either enrolled in an approved preparation program or will be participating in the SG&S competency review.

For specific waiver related questions, please contact ESEs waiver specialist Donavin Bentley at