Do you have a student success story about the transition after graduation? Does your school have a summer program that you’re proud of? Do you want to spread the word about an important milestone? Or do you have a teacher who is standing out for their dedication, brilliance and compassion? We want to know! 

This month, maaps, together with its Public Relations Committee and Boston-based Solomon McCowan, is launching a new campaign aimed at highlighting our member schools—to parents, fellow educators, legislators and policy makers, stakeholders and the general public. In the campaign, we’re aiming to showcase inspirational stories that portray the realities, challenges, and the successes achieved at private special education schools. We want to talk about all of the amazing work you do and inform parents of the great opportunities offered by maaps schools.

But we need your help—and your stories—to ensure the campaign’s success!

When you identify a story, maaps and Solomon McCowan will on crafting the story and pitching it to the appropriate print, broad, online and social media. We’ll work with you to coordinate possible interviews and media site visits, and we’ll work to ensure that maaps and our schools are represented in the most positive way possible.

So, what’s your story? Please contact Jim Daiute, maaps Director of Government Affairs & Communications, with yours. Jim can be reached at or (781) 909-5309.