You want to attract top talent to your company. These candidate sourcing strategies can help you get there:

  1. Social Sourcing

Candidates want information fast. Take advantage of social sharing platforms by inviting your employees to opt into seamless set-it and forget-it job publishing, expanding your reach.

  1. More Strategic Use of Job Boards

With 30% of new hires still coming from job boards, make open positions easy to find on the boards they are likely to browse. Job seekers are not only visiting job boards to see open positions, they are also reviewing organizations to see if they’d even consider them as an employer.

  1. Optimize the Application Experience

83% of recruiters report that power has shifted away from where it has been for years, the employer, toward the candidate. Think about the candidate experience: How many clicks does it take to apply? How long does a candidate have to wait until hearing a response?

  1. Maintain Relationships

Keep candidates informed. Personalize communication and track candidate engagement. Effectively marketing your brand keeps your company top of mind, helps you build stronger candidate pools, and enables you to fills open jobs faster.

  1. Mine Candidates Through Employee Referrals

You don’t need to look far to source candidates. 88% of employers rate employee referrals above all other sources for quality hires.  Your current employees could be your best hiring tool.

  1. Flex Your Recruitment Marketing Investments

Measure the impact of your marketing initiatives. Collect data points on candidate open rates for emails, monitor engagement activity on social platforms, and quantify traffic on candidate career sites.

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This article was originally published by icims: Hire Expectations, an Applicant Tracking Software System