maaps member schools are committed to improving student outcomes which can be achieved using Evidence-Based Practices (EBPs). Per the Council for Exceptional Children (CEC), an EBP is defined as practices that are supported by a sufficient number of high quality studies that use research designs from which causality can be inferred and that demonstrate meaningful effects on student outcomes. EBP CEC Standards to view the CEC Standards for EBPs.

EBPs encompass a broader range of clinical and educational activities for integrating research evidence into the intervention process. Several EBPs are being used across the maaps membership while others are being considered in a variety of areas. Getting started and finding the right EBP for your student population can be a challenge.

maaps EBP Committee is developing ways to help maaps members gain access and necessary information to EBPs that can improve practice. The EBP Committee currently hosts a section on the website where members can access articles and read about a few EBPs being utilized in maaps member schools. However, the committee is hoping to provide more resources and tools to the maaps members by hosting workshops, webinars, providing reviews, and other information regarding EBPs. To help the EBP Committee with this initiative, we are seeking feedback through a brief survey.

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For questions or more info please contact: Theresa Melito-Conners, M.Ed., 781-909-5308 / 781-640-1776 cell or by email at