At the beginning of October, 2017 maaps will offer the second course delivered by Framingham State University (FSU).  This course is totally on-line, lasts 4 weeks and offers teachers three ways to use the course:

  • Assists teachers currently on a waiver in meeting the Competency/Continuous Progress Requirements of the license for moderate disabilities. Each 4-week course can be used as 1 point of continuous progress
  • Assists teachers who are trying to advance their educator licenses through the 12 Credit Option.
  • Assists teachers by earning 5 PDPs/1 graduate credit towards the special education content requirement to renew a professional educator license.

Course Description:

An in-depth study of the components of an Individualized Education Program. Participants examine strategies for increasing parent involvement, interpretation of key evaluation results, developing a vision, traits and characteristics of Department of Elementary and Secondary Education recognized disability types, differences between accommodations, modifications and specialized instruction, service delivery models, MCAS/PARCC accommodations and alternate assessments, placement determination, and the process of parent consent or rejection. This course helps participants develop strategies for effective schooling for students with disabilities and the instruction of students with diverse learning styles.

The five units are

  1. What is a disability? What terms are used?
  2. What are accommodations and modifications? How are they addressed? How is MCAS/PARCC administration Impacted?
  3. Service delivery implementation (Now that we know what the student needs, how do we help him/her get there?) and parental acceptance or rejection
  4. Parental involvement – effective strategies
  5. Putting it all together. What do we know? What do we still need to know?

The cost of the course is $175 per person, a discounted price for maaps members and registration opens the middle of August. If you, or any teachers with whom you work, want to receive advance notification of registration please email Ginnie Waldron at