Over 60 participants, most Human Resources Professionals and Recruiters attended maaps’ recruitment panel presentation on May 23, 2017. The event was a great success, as one participant described it:

“The recruiting half-day presentation that I attended this week was one of the best trainings I’ve attended all year round, anywhere. I thought you put together a very strong, comprehensive oversight of what resources are available and I walked away feeling empowered, and I teach this at the college level. I was very pleased”.

Some thought provoking tips from the day:

  • Focus on recruiting for diversity
  • Focus on interns and potential interns
  • Build in meetings of all interns several times during the academic year to build that community and connect them more to the larger agency
  • Regularly go out to various schools to talk about your school and its positions
  • Involve interns in recruitment and ask them to post on social media and
  • video interns talking about their experience
  • Let the employee tell it! Find ways for current staff to “spread the word” that your school is a great place to work!
    • Train them in using their personal social media for that purpose
    • Interview staff with interesting “stories” and put on website, social media, or write an article about it.
  • Create a video that highlights who you are and why someone should want to work there
    • Find students or an A/V club at a local high school or college
    • Have an intern to help coordinate video and social media
  • Write interesting, attention grabbing advertisements. Don’t just post a job description.  Tips for writing interesting ads:
  • Concise but thorough
  • Replace “the ideal candidate” with “you”
  • Get rid of the buzzwords
  • Be conversational
  • Change the sub-headings: “Skill Requirements” can be “You’re good at:”
  • Describe a day in the life of an employee in the position advertised

For more information about the work of the Taskforce contact Ginnie Waldron at gwaldron@maaps.org.