maaps has partnered with both Westfield and Framingham State Universities to provide on-line training to educational professionals in member schools.  To learn more about these partnerships, use the link below.  Classes are over for the summer, but come October they will be in full swing offering:

  • A fully accessible SEI (Sheltered English Immersion) class on Understanding Academic Language to Improve Content Area Instruction for English Language Learners
  • Special Education: Individual Educational Plans (IEPs): An In-depth Study

These classes can help you:

  • earn 15 PDPs in the area of SEI
  • to advance or renew your ESE license
  • work your way off a waiver

To learn how, click here for further information.

Here’s What Students Are Saying

“Taking my first online course caused me to reflect back to about ten years ago when  I took a special education law course in my master’s program. I can honestly say that sitting in a desk for those three months I did not learn half of the information presented in this one month internet based class”

“The SEI course was the first on-line course I have taken and at first I found it difficult to navigate and understand what the whole process was!  But, within a short amount of time I had become accustomed to it and was easily navigating and posting assignments without a problem”.

“I found the posts and feedback from others in the field informative and helpful and particularly interesting to see how the strategies could be adapted to a diverse set of students”.

“I found the SEI class very beneficial. I particularly liked the four-week plan.  The weekly assignments were reasonable, and supplementary resources were helpful in presenting an in-depth look at the topics”.

“The interactions with other educators were supportive and encouraging.  I have recommended this course to other special educators at my school”.

To be put on an advance notice waiting list please email your name, email address and which classes you are interested in to Ginnie Waldron,  Notifications will go out when school is back in session